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With the ‘Business Trips’ module of the HR software HeRMeS eXpress, requesting a business trip is easier than ever, coordinating it with a supervisor is even faster, and expense reporting is 100% accurate!

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Always ready for a business trip

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Enhance functionality by integrating additional modules of HeRMeS eXpress​

HeRMeS eXpress is a modular human resource management software.
 Select the modules that suit your needs and easily upgrade over time.

Provide your employees with access to digital HR services anytime and from anywhere

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Streamline the management of vacations and sick leaves through an entirely online process, ensuring full compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Visualize employee attendance data conveniently recorded through access control systems

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Utilize a flexible tool for planning and tracking work schedules in compliance with Bulgarian legislation.

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Access a user-friendly interface for planning and registering your employees’ training sessions.

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Conduct assessment campaigns through digital forms that are easy and convenient to fill out. Learn more

Utilize an integrated service for payroll calculation based on the data from the modules you are actively using.

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Streamline the digital creation, approval, signing, and storage of documents for your employees with efficiency.

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