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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can learn more about HeRMeS eXpress - the complete HR solution for small and medium-sized companies.

"Software as a Service (SaaS) means using a software product on a subscription basis, without the need to invest in infrastructure, licenses, and hire highly skilled IT professionals to manage them.

Using "software as a service" will allow you to optimize costs by replacing the expenses associated with licensing and maintaining purchased software with a fixed monthly subscription fee for a standardized solution based on best practices.

HeRMeS eXpress is extremely suitable for small and medium-sized companies aiming to provide an efficient HR tool for the daily work of their managers and to ensure quick and reliable access for employees to their personal and work-related information.

The entirely new software usage model and the Self-Service portal for employees and managers of HeRMeS eXpress mark the beginning of a new generation of HR systems for small and medium-sized businesses in Bulgaria.

Combined with rich functionality, low operational costs, outsourced support risk to the vendor, guaranteed compliance with regulatory frameworks, quick system implementation, and secure anytime, anywhere, HeRMeS eXpress distinguishes itself from all other products on the market.

HeRMeS eXpress is developed, maintained, and managed by the TechnoLogica EAD team. The system is installed on the company's infrastructure, and its daily technical support is handled by qualified and experienced system administrators.

We are committed to consistently working with the latest version of the system, ensuring it reflects any legislative changes as they occur.

Certainly! You can request a 14-day trial by clicking the 'Try it for Free' button and filling out the request form. Additionally, you have the option to request a personalized online demonstration of HeRMeS eXpress through the 'Request Demo' feature. For more insights into its features, you can explore videos available in the 'Resources' section on our website.

No, HeRMeS eXpress currently offers interfaces in both Bulgarian and English, catering to the needs of users who may not be proficient in the Bulgarian language.

Certainly! Despite being a SaaS solution, HeRMeS eXpress provides flexibility to accommodate specific business processes of our clients. Upon starting to use the system, you have the option to activate or deactivate certain features, set acceptable parameters, and create specific fields and nomenclatures.

For ensuring that HeRMeS eXpress aligns perfectly with your needs, we recommend discussing your specific requirements with us in advance.

HeRMeS eXpress is available for a monthly subscription. If you choose to prepay for a 12-month subscription, you will enjoy a 15% discount.

For alternative subscription durations, please feel free to reach out to us to discuss the available discounts.

Within 1 working day after payment of the subscription, you will receive your secure administrator profile for HeRMeS eXpress, and you can start entering employee data.

Depending on your workload, specific requirements, and the number of employees, the time to start active work for all employees with the system may vary between 1 and 4 weeks.

Absolutely! HerMeS eXpress is designed to grow with your needs. You can add new modules at any time to those you are currently using, as well as increase the number of employees.

Whether you use HeRMeS eXpress, an outsourcing service, or another payroll system for your employees, you can export the data from the system in electronic format at any time.

To see how this is done, you can watch the following video:

HeRMeS eXpress can exchange data with other business systems, and we have successfully implemented integrations with access control systems, Active Directory, accounting systems, and authentication service platforms.

Feel free to contact us to check if we can establish data exchange with your systems.

For identification and access to the main application and portal, standard user passwords are used and maintained in the system. Users have the option to change their password themselves, and it must comply with the complexity standards set for your organization. Importantly, passwords are not stored in the system; only a hash necessary for their verification is retained.  Integration with Active Directory (AD) is possible, and user names and passwords from it can be used.


Communication between the Self-Service portal and the main application of the system is encrypted using TLS versions 1.2 and higher. Database files are stored on encrypted disks.


To ensure access to data only by administrators with the right permissions, a high-class Privileged Access Management (PAM) system is used for system administrators.


Internet access is provided only to the application servers of the system. This applies to both the web portal and the main application. The database servers of the system are located in an internal zone that cannot be accessed from the Internet. Requests from the Internet to the application servers of the system are filtered using a Web Application Firewall (WAF), which monitors the content of the HTTP request for unauthorized access to the application servers, as well as mechanisms to deny suspicious requests.


To prevent attacks and provide antivirus protection, a leading-class corporate antivirus solution is employed, with automatic and regular updates. It is activated without the possibility of being disabled on every server and client station accessing the TechnoLogica network. The databases operate in online archiving mode, allowing data recovery without loss. Backups are duplicated to a reserved disk array, different from the operational one,  ensuring even more secure storage.

All data you enter into the system is personal data within the meaning of the current Data Protection Act and the relevant European Directive (GDPR). We process this data as a data controller and in compliance with the data processing agreement published on this website. We store your personal data throughout the entire subscription period. In the event of termination of your service usage, your data will be stored under the same conditions for a period of 30 calendar days. Following this period, all your data will be permanently deleted.